Who is Lisa D King?

bcbtmbI am a believer in protecting Mother Earth.  I am a mother of two grown men, and a grandmother of two very beautiful grandchildren, a boy and a girl.  My life is spent with my best friend and lover, my husband Jeff.   As a defender guardian of this earth, spending time outside is important to me.  Sailing, hiking, motorcycle riding, bicycling, and being near the ocean as much as I can are all activities I enjoy.  Finally, I am dedicated to my clients,  assisting all who come through my doors to heal by allowing Reiki, massage, Yoga or meditation create change in their bodies, minds and lives.  That is what I do and who I am.

The study of Indian, Buddhist and Hindu culture resonates deeply in my life.  This art includes the physical art of Yoga and Qi gong, the music and chants and the artful beauty and the interpretation of Sanskrit.   Yoga and Qi gong’s beauty can be recognized when practiced mentally and physically and when being observed.  This practice allows the body, mind and spirit to connect in a way that can be difficult to describe accurately with words alone.  The physical practice prepares the mind and body for a deeper practice, meditation.  The use of the mantras, chants and music take me to a deep and very relaxing state of mind and body.  The Sanskrit “art” includes the Om (also a chant), which has deep meaning and is a very beautiful symbol that I have around me in all aspects of my life.

I hope that my artistic preference reflects my reverence for life.  This deep love shows how deeply I care for myself and the world around me; respecting all life-not just human.  Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, plant or animal, deserve our respect and protection.   Study and practice of this kind brings connection and unity.  We are all one with each other and one with the one true source.

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